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Nicholas Gazin

21) Honey I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

Like the Incredibles and Splash this is what I would consider a perfect movie. Everything is good, all the actors are compelling and when it's over I feel elated. This movie seems like a smaller scale back to the Future in some ways. It even looks kind of like it's in the same universe as Back to the Future because of the similar colors and imaginitive impossiible inventions.

This movie tells the story of Rick Moranis who plays an inventor who can't make his shrink ray work. The neighbor kids accidentally provoke it into operation by hiting a baseball into it and the result is Marinis's kids and the jocky neighbore kids all get shrunk, unknowingly swept up and put out with the garbage. They have to venture all the way through the yard and to the house. Meanwhile the parents slowly realize what happened and try their best to find them. Ecentually they do and Rick Moranis makes a lot of money from his shrink/enlarger ray and the neighbors are happy and his marriage and sense of security are back.

This movie rules and if you have to ask why then you must have never seen it. This is essential viewing. The scene where the boys fly on the back of a bee was bitchin' as was the scene where Rick Moranis almost eats his son in a bitefulo of Cheerios while his offspring shouts,"Don't eat me dad!"

9 of 10

Rick Moranis checks his own autograph for forgery
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