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18) Splash (1984)

This poster almost makes the movie look like a horror film.

At the time that Ron Howard was shopping around Splash no one wanted to touch it. Disney wasn't doing much movie makering so they took it in eagerly. Realizing that a naked Daryll Hannah wouldn't fit under the Disney banner Michael eisner created Touchstone Films. This was Ron Howard's first hit film as well as the first film with the most likeable man ever,Tom Hanks. Those are three good milestones. This is one good movie.

The movie tells the story of Allan Bauer (Tom Hanks) who is both uptight and the brother of John Candy, a loveable gambler and pervert. He meets Daryl Hannah, who shows up naked at the Statue of Liberty with his wallet. Tom hanks picks her up from the police station and although she can't speak and he doesn't know who she is or what diseases she might have he lets her move in and have lots of sex with him. Not to be a PC pussy but I felt a little weird about the romance in the movie. Daryll Hannah is super beautiful but she's innocently childlike and Tom Hanks's role seems fatherly. I guess a it's a fantasy for people to have a girlfriend who can't speak and wants to fuck all the time. That sounds about as appealing as having sex with a very sexy mentally retarded person. I just couldn't do it and not hate myself. There are lots of funny gags and too many make out scenes. Eventually everyone finds out she's a mermaid and she ends up studied in a tank. John Candy, Eugene Levy and Tom Hanks rescue her from her tank and Tom Hanks decides to become a mermaid with her and live in the ocean as a fishman.

This movie is almost perfect. The storytelling is great. All the acting is good. It never gets boring and it's hard to not fall in love with Daryll Hannah. The idea of living in the ocean sounds kind of shitty to me. Besides the part where I wouldn't see people ever again It's dark, cold, full of fish and waste. Other than that everybody delivers and every scene is entertaining.

During the scene in Bloomingdale's one of the tvs is playing 20,000 Leagues Underr the Sea and another is playing the Black Hole, both films by Disney.

Possibly mos importantly, this movie introduced the craze of naming girls "Madison", after Daryll Hannah's character who names herself after the avenue.

My friend Sarah told me that when she's little she wanted to be a mermaid and she would put salt in her bath, imitating what Daryl Hannah does to go back to mermade mode. Do a lot of girls want to be mermaids?

This movie is for everybody. Nobody will dislike watching this movie.

9 0f 10
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