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17) The Happiest Millioaire (1967)

This movie is really, really really long and not at all action packed. Instead of making a really densely involved movie they took a story that could have been told in a half hour and stretched it out to 172 minutes. That's a lot of movie. After it got mixed reviews the studio cut it twice until it was 118 minutes.

This was the last movie that Disney oversaw before dying. Sadly it drags on like crazay. When I put this movie on my Netflix cue I was under the impression it had been made later so that I could keep with the theme of watching all the movies made between 1968-1989 first.

The story starts with Tommy Steele playing John Lawless, an Irish immigrant who never stops smiling. He makes me nauseous with his huge teeth. He sings a song falled Frotuosity and gets hired as a butler for the Biddles. The Biddles were a real family nad this movie is based on a book written about them by Cordelia Biddle. The father is an ecentric millionaire played by Fred "the Man" MacMurray. He's considered eccentric because he keeps pet alligators, teaches boxing at his bible classes and is an impolite jerk. We're supposed to find him kooky and charming but he's jus t a show off who acts like a azzhole. He's scared all the young men away from his daughter so she runs off to boarding school so that she can try to be normal. She immediately falls in love and decides to marry another rich person. Unfortunaely her family are snobby New Yorkers and their two families clash. In the end everything worls out, I guess.

A few of the songs are charming but Disney was trying to replicate Mary Poppins here and they totally failed. This is one of a few Disney liveaction films that are way to long. The prints would go on tour, the tickets would cost more and there would even be reserved seats. The movie fails for a whole lot of reasons but the big one is that it doesn't move forward. The characters are obnoxious and I don't care if they're happy or sad or if they're alligators eat them. It took me five attempts to watch this movie.

three of ten.
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You should check out Fred "The Man" MacMurray's career-making performance in Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity (1944), and his last un-Disneyfied turn sixteen years later in Wilder's The Apartment (1960). The Apartment in particular is not just a great movie, and a great New York movie, but also features MacMurray in rare form as a leacherous Manhattan executive who enjoys boffing Shirley MacClaine in Jack Lemmon's (titular) apartment.

The posters say it all: the movie doesn't look like it's actually about anything, just lots of people in weird dance action poses with the word "HAPPY!" all over the place. It's a marketing approach that never works. It failed most recently for Fun With Dick and Jane. They had billboards all over L.A. with Jim Carrey and the word "FUN!" in big letters, but nobody wanted to see it. It's an obvious ploy, like when ugly boring girls wear shirts that say "FOXY" or "DIVA".
I really like your new lj icon. It's pretty and menacing.
I like it. The trick is to refrain from using the filters in photoshop and to not spend more than five minutes on it. Don't overthink the idea. That's my formula for a successful icon.