Nicholas Gazin (skeleteen) wrote in disney_films,
Nicholas Gazin

(16) Never a Dull Moment (1968)

This fun and inexpensively made romp stars Dick Van Dyke as Jack Albany, an under-appreciated actor who gets mistaken for a hired killer and has to play along with some gangsters to keep from getting murdered.

He is mistaken for a killer named Ace by a young punk in the organization who everyone smacks. The boss of the crime syndicate is an art lover and he wants to steal a painting called Sunflowers that's a takeoff on Lilypads. THe movie is ok but Dick Van Dyke is great. The climactic battle in the movie takes place in the art museum and they travel from room to room ending with a beautiful fight on a large kinetic sculpture that reminds me of a fight scene from a 60s Batman comic. They were always fighting on giant typewriter or instruments. Who was making all those giant props in Gotham City?

This movie is a pleasant distraction with an ending that is zany, fun and amazing. I highly recommend this movie just for the climax.

6 of 10
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